Money Market Savings Account (MMSA)

Money Maret Savings Account Credit Union

  • Money Market Savings Account
  • 5% yearly interest
  • Interest will be paid monthly
  • A $5000.00 minimum Monthly Balance applies
  • The Minimum Opening Amount is $9000.00
  • An International MasterCard can be requested with this account

When I first opened a small account, my thought at first was that it sounded too good to be true.  Then I began to understand how a Credit Union operates as a non profit society and they are able to give me some great interest on my savings. I now have numerous accounts and love my MasterCard that comes with it.  Art S. Ireland

I heard about another Credit Union that was liquidated many years ago, but this Federation with over 100 Credit Unions as part of it, is very solid and operating since 1961, through all the Noriega stuff, and now they are expanding into Boquete.  Heck of a deal......Love it.  Jorge, Hamburg, Germany