Account Options

Money Market Savings Account (MMSA)

$9000 minimum - 5% interest

Certificate of Deposit (CD)

$9000 minimum - 7% One Year Certificate of Deposit (CD) Account  

Factor Note (FN) Term Deposit

$25,000 minimum - 8.5% One Year Factor Note (FN) Account 

Friendly Nations Visa Savings Account (FNVSA)

$5100 minimum Friendly Nations Visa account - earning 3.5% interest 

I started saving in Panama with a different Credit Union 6 years ago and it got liquidated by the former President of the country who was accused of stealing money from it. The Government of Panama is giving all my money back to me every 6 months, but 3 years ago I signed up with this Federation and it's even a better deal for us.  JB Canada

So far my agent has made me feel right at home and gave me that North American service that I just can't seem to find here in Panama.  Keep up the good work and really happy about the term deposits. Kenneth, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada