Welcome to The Federation

Our Accounts

Money Market Savings Account (MMSA)

 $9,000 minimum deposit, 5% yearly interest paid monthly.  

Our email is federation@confidesk.com

Friendly Nations Visa Savings Account (FNVSA)

$5100 minimum deposit, 3.5% yearly interest that is paid yearly. The $100 in the account covers the cost of the the Immigration letter for your lawyer and the Immigration Department

Our email is federation@confidesk.com

What is The Federation Panama?

The Federation of Panama is a group of approximately 100 Credit Unions in Panama and licensed through IPACOOP, the Panama Government Department responsible for overseeing all financial activities of Cooperatives and Credit Unions.  There are 4 major banks in Panama where the Federation has accounts making it easy for you to make deposits.  Caja de Ahorros (a national bank of Panama), Banco General, Multibank and Banistmo.

I  was SVP (senior vice president) at a Bank of America for many years and when moving to Panama,  it was my luck to find the Federation.  It is great to see the interest  rates here in Panama.  It's a keeper.  Charles, Boston, MA USA   

I  have always been a Credit Union depositor in the States and was pleased  to find the Federation in Panama when I moved here.  I am now living  off of my interest. Very happy.  Bert, United States